The Pros and Cons of Sandstone Tiles

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The Pros and Cons of Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone tiles look great. These are a welcome addition to the interior or any home. The natural element which these tiles bring with itself is aesthetically appealing. If you are considering revamping your home, you may have thought of several options. You could choose from any materials like marble or granite but there is something truly pleasing about sand stone tiles.

The color of the sandstone tiles is what makes these so popular with homeowners. These tend to resemble the sand which you find on the beaches. The shades can vary from light brown to russet or gold. It creates a natural and quaint look about the area were these are placed.

It should be kept in mind that sandstone is more porous than any other material out there. While it can be used both indoors and outdoors, the porous quality doesn’t make it a great option for being used as bathroom tiles. Since thee tend to be pretty slippery when wet, it best to avoid using these in areas which are prone to water buildup.

The best places for sandstone tile installation are the living room area, hall ways and kitchen. The quality of and stone tiles is that these gel in with both the exterior and the interior of your home.

Pros and cons of sandstone tiles

  • Sand stone tiles are a truly aesthetic option when it comes to selecting the tile material for your home. It adds an outdoor and natural look to your homes. It’s unlike any manufactured material. Each of the stones has a unique appearance which can actually help bring structure and character to the floor.
  • Sandstone tiles are quite durable. These are as hard as a rock. Although when compared to granite, these aren’t as hard but walking on a sandstone tile is going to be much easier on your feet.
  • It’s also an ecofriendly material. If you give importance to the use of natural elements in your home, sand stone is a great option.
  • Also it’s pretty easy to replace sandstone tiles whenever required.

The cons:

  • Sandstone absorbs water. Therefore it’s best to not use it in places where it could be exposed to a great deal of moisture. This however is also a drawback because it can cause stains to appear on the tiles.
  • You need to apply a sealant when you install these tiles. If you do plan to use it in the bathroom, you may need to replace the sealant every three to six months.
  • While sandstone tiles look good but these tend to age over every decade or so. It may look completely different from the way it did in the beginning. However, some people tend to appreciate the weathered look because it adds some character to it.

The cost of a sandstone tile is anywhere around $4 to $10. These look great no matter what, if you think you can maintain the tiles then you should definitely consider installing these in your home.

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