Security Screen Doors Gold Coast

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Security Screen Doors Gold Coast

Although most people in Gold Coast and generally across the globe tend to think that an intruder usually breaks in through the window, on the contrary, intruders are nowadays making their way through the windows.

I know that could be a real surprise to you. Now that should tell you why you should shift your security concerns from the windows to the doors of your home if you want to keep your family and treasures safe.

One of the best ways you can keep your door impassible and unbreakable is through security screens. Investing in security screen doors in Gold Coast is slowly becoming a routine for many Australians.

Although these security screen doors may seem expensive, the safety of your family and property should be your number one priority, especially if you don’t have a perimeter wall around your home. When next you want to upgrade your home security, consider the security screen doors.

But you may ask, why are they so important? Well, in this article, you will learn some of the benefits of installing these security screen doors in your residential entrances on the Gold Coast.

Why you should install a security screen door

Here are some reasons why residents of the Gold Coast are going for these doors in keeping their homes safe:

1. They are stronger than the normal doors

Can your door keep an intruder away after hitting it with a considerable force in an attempt to break in? If the answer is no, it is time to upgrade your door. With a security screen door, you are safe and secure from any break in compared to when your house is fitted with ordinary doors. The reason why these modern doors are stronger is that they are made of strong metals like aluminium, steel and alloy metals. You can go for steel because it is stronger than the other metals.

2. They have a sturdy lock

You will agree with me that most of the modern door locks are very weak and easy to break. However, locks in security screen doors are of another level. They are made of very strong, sturdy, and heavy-duty materials that increase the door’s reinforcement and makes the door resistible.

3. They have strong hinges

Unlike many doors that have exposed hinges that can be easily removed, security screen doors in Gold Coast have non-removable and strong hinges. Buglers usually remove the hinges to gain access to your family and assets, but you can put that to an end by installing these kinds of doors.

4. The intruders use the door to get into the house

This is another major importance of installing a screened door. Most of the break-ins done in Australia are done through doors compared to those done through the windows. Having a well-installed and strong door is one of the ways to keep the robbers away.

5. They lack windows

You notice that the windows on the doors give intruders an access route into the house. Therefore, having a door that does not have windows can be a great way of securing your home, family, and assets.

Do you want to sleep peacefully throughout the night while at Gold Coast? Well, you can now relax because you have security screen doors ready for installation. You may also combine the door with other door sensors. Keep intruders away and be safe!

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