Come into our shed and pull up a chair, the kettle has just boiled. We are a team of gardeners based around the UK and we show you what is going on in our gardens and allotments.

Every week, even in winter, we give practical down-to-earth gardening advice for those wishing to grow vegetables, herbs, salad, fruit and flowers; plus visiting national and local gardening shows throughout Europe.

Feel free to comment, just remember to include where you are in the world – this is helpful when seeking advice.

Saturdays: Sean's Allotment Garden

Summer Storms | July (EP20/Y2) | Sean’s Allotment Garden Another hot week as Vivi and Ky meet Sean to discuss the progress on their allotment gardens. Meantime, Geoff is off on holiday and won’t be back for a month. If you are NEW to allotments check out this

Summer Heatwave | July (EP19/Y2) | Sean’s Allotment Garden

We are currently experiencing a summer heatwave in southern England here in the UK but there are still some jobs to get on with in the garden. If you are NEW to allotments check out this new series starting in

Morning gardening is best

The weather is forecast to be very hot this week so I plan to make the most of the early cool mornings and evenings to do my gardening. This morning I arrived a little before 8am. Obviously the site was

Sundays: Titli's Busy Garden

Harvesting Garlic – Titli’s Busy Garden 2014 Week 30

It’s been a VERY HOT week however I do find time to harvest the garlic and make some blackberry jam.

Titli’s Busy Garden: Week 27 – Harvesting Beetroot, Cauliflower & Potatoes

It’s a hot day after a few days of rain and I take the opportunity to do a mini-harvest.

Titli’s Busy Garden: Week 26 – Picking Fruit

It’s time to pick some fruit! I also share my personal experiences on Ramadan.

Dan's Allotment Diary - Growing for Showing

Avoiding Tomato Blossom End Rot

Blossom End rot can be a problem and render the fruit inedible. This is the method I use to avoid the problem by a simple addition of Dolomite Lime to the water. Blossom End rot was always thought to be

Dan’s Allotment Diary: Planting Leeks

Time to transplant the Leek plants into their final growing positions outside on the allotment.

Dan’s Allotment Diary: First Potato Harvest of the Year

The first potato harvest reveal of the year. These are the Rockets container grown in the polytunnel since planting in late February, having 90 days of growth.

Wednesdays: Cooking

Vegetable Soup

Got loads of vegetables left over? You can’t beat the flavour of home made vegetable soup. Perfect as a vegetarian dish and for freezing, this vegetable soup recipe tastes great and is really easy to make. Ingredients (Serves 6 |

Broccoli and Stilton Soup Recipe with Warren Nash

Soup makes for a great winter warmer and here is one of my favourite soup recipes made with Broccoli, Stilton and a few extras added in.

How to Bottle Tomatoes

Vivi shows us how to bottle tomatoes.


Farm Terrace Allotments – Days are numbered

Sara Jane Trebar and her children are keen to make the most of the sunshine that’s been beating down on their broad beans. That’s because they know that their days at Farm Terrace allotments in Watford could soon be numbered.

Sean’s Allotment Garden – The Book

You’ve watched the series, now get the book!

New TV Show appeals for Gardeners

The production company behind BBC 2′s Great British Garden Revival are making an new gardening series for Sky 1 and are looking for contributors.