Rollout Awnings in Australia

September 26, 2020 at 3:00 pm ·

Rollout Awnings in Australia

Rollout or retractable awning is a unique kind of shelter that can be folded or unfolded depending on the user’s desire. It is helpful when it comes to controlling the temperature of a place. You can fold it to get sunlight and heat and engage it when you need a calm environment. Rollout awning is the one that most people prefer over others because of its unique abilities.

Benefits of rollout awnings

The following are some of the advantages of retractable canopies:

It gives you control of the room – relying upon the circumstance, you can choose whether or not to raise the shade. On the off chance that you need the daylight, you crease it, and you do the inverse in case you forestall sun heat.

Insurance against destructive beams – the sunbeams contain unsafe rays that, when hit the human skin for long, may bring intricacies and perhaps pass. Nonetheless, the canopy gives a spread and protects destructive beams for getting through the skin. In this way, it secures an individual.

Enhances the home – shades when made around an estate, builds showcase esteem primarily. The home estimation acknowledges, and purchasers are more than ready to buy.

Reduces cooling costs – setting a shade close to your home, particularly window or entryway, brings normal cooling. Therefore, lessening the benefit of cooling the house. You can, too, choose to sit underneath a canopy and appreciate the quiet condition.

It makes the home alluring – a home with a canopy looks lovely. It gives your youngsters a spot to rest while playing with each other.

Lastly, rollout awning supports all kinds of conditions, be it rainfall, snow, extreme heat, and less heat. It functions as an air conditioning system, although with unique abilities.

What material is used to make a rollout awning?

Canvas is used to make retractable awnings because of its properties: it can be folded without tearing or breaking. It is also coated on top with a synthetic layer to make it resilient. Canvas is an expensive material, and as such, rollout awnings are a bit more expensive than their counterparts.

Rollout awning can be improved by motorising it. It gives the owner to control it using a remote. Such a kind is luxurious and expensive to design, but it is worth the effort.

Suitable places for erecting roll out awnings

Here are some great places to install rollout awnings from Dolomite Awnings:

On the window –  sunlight enters the room through a window, having retractable awning on the window will allow you to fold it and allow sunlight into the room when the need arises.

Restaurant – some customers prefer to sit outdoors and enjoy their meals outside. Therefore, you can place a rollout at a suitable place and make it available to such customers.

Barbecue area – you can also install this awning to a barbecue place, should the need for more space arise, you can easily employ it.

As outlined above, rollout awnings are excellent types of canopies to install in our homes. They are easy to use and make the house look magnificent. It is made of a unique material that is flexible and durable. It has many benefits to its users and minimal downsides. Ensure that you install it in the correct place to make maximum use of it. You must always ensure that it is handled correctly and make the regular maintenance.

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Benefits of metal sheds Hervey Bay you need to consider

May 19, 2020 at 12:42 am ·

Benefits of metal sheds Hervey Bay you need to consider

The rising popularity of garden sheds in Hervey Bay has also made homeowners consider the best type of garden structure offering the best value. The popular choices when it comes to garden sheds fall between metal and wooden sheds.

However, metal sheds, Hervey Bay offer unlimited options for the best value when you’re looking for additional storage space.

Investing in metal sheds should be considered for the multiple benefits it provides, to include:


The inexpensive cost of metal sheds compared to its wooden counterparts is its most pivotal advantage. A larger metal shed can cost at approximately the same price as that of a timber shed.

Budget is always a significant factor when it comes to investing in things for the household. The wide range of sizes, shapes, and cost-effective cost of metal garden sheds make them the perfect fit for almost all gardens.

Its lighter weight makes it easy to transfer from one place to another

The light-packaged metal shed delivered to your doorstep makes it convenient for any homeowner to carry them through any door opening. The flat-packed metal products supplied by many suppliers means easy manipulation around small and narrow gardens.

The lighter weight of metal sheds ensures easy and single-handedly moving the shed from one place to another. This convenience saves a homeowner time, money, and effort.

Easy to assemble

The lighter-weight package of metal sheds makes them easier to assemble compared to their wooden counterparts. Even an unskilled homeowner will be able to assemble a metal shed in no time at all!

Following the directions of the included instructional manual easily and quickly constructs a metal shed. Often, the metal shed package includes all the necessary equipment, thereby avoiding additional expenses or prep work.

Strong and durable

The lighter weight of metal sheds should not be misconstrued as being flimsy. On the contrary, the incredible solidness of the metal makes metal sheds one of the strongest and most durable there is.

The selling point of metal sheds is with its longevity and durability. The resilience of metal makes it the most popular reinforcements to any structure. Having a shed solidly made of metal ensure an outdoor building that can be used for many years.

Long warranty

Metal shed suppliers often provide long warranties to their buyers. The confidence stems from the proven durability of metal. The most common warranties offered range from ten and twenty years, especially with larger-sized metal sheds.

The manufacturers’ confidence in the durability and quality of the metal is the foremost reason for the long warranties offered.

Easy to maintain

Less maintenance work or none at all is required with metal sheds. The formation of rust as well as protecting the metal from all types of weather conditions are provided by the galvanised layer.

The galvanised layer underneath the metal also delays corrosion from happening. Repainting the structure once every five years will further delay corrosion while making your metal shed look brand new.

The easy maintenance and strength of metal sheds have hugely contributed to their popularity. These top qualities make metal sheds offer owners the best value for their money. Are you on the market for a garden shed and unsure what to opt for? We are ready to help. Contact us at Just Kits.

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Is Garden Bed Edging Important In Any Way?

April 2, 2020 at 2:25 am ·

Is Garden Bed Edging Important In Any Way?

Who doesn’t like a nice looking garden edge?

It’d probably be a lie if anyone said otherwise. Look, many lawn owners are always on top of things to make sure that their lawns and gardens look exemplary. They’ll mow grass, remove weeds, and ensure that the edges of the gardens, look affectedly neat.

For a professional look, you’ll need to create a clear cut boundary between your lawn and pavement as well as the landscape beds. And this is part of garden bed edging. In this case, you need specific tools. These tools do a decent job quickly, easily, and in the cleanest way possible.

Importance of Garden Edging

Edging a garden makes your regular gardening look prettier, but it will take a little longer. Nonetheless, it is worth doing it for the following reasons.

It gives a professional look to your garden

Garden bed edging gives your gardens a manicured and crisp appearance.  With appropriate tools, you can cut any crops that are growing uncontrollably. Then with modern edging materials, you can give it a refreshing finish.

Whether you are using stones, logs, bricks, or seashells, properly arranging each one of them along the edges of your gardens gives them a neat appearance.

When you seek professional help, you can get different designs of edging. Ultimately, this elevates the look of your garden.

It improves curb appeal and value

Proper garden bed edging from Straightcurve works well for both your garden and lawns. Typically, it makes the whole of your yard look impressive. For people intending to increase the value of their landscape, doing a professional garden edging is the way to go.

It protects your landscape from erosion

How often do you weed your garden? Regardless of the number of times, once you dig up the soil in your garden, the soil becomes loose. Such soil is bound to flow with water once it rains or when you water your garden. This may leave a lot of mess around.

Trimming allows you to see the outline. On the outline, you can arrange beautiful stones. Such stones trap soil and, at the same time, give your garden an exemplary look.

It protects landscaping from overgrown roots

Your garden bed has different crops. Some have extensively grown roots. If left unchecked, such roots can grow into other landscape beds as well as over the edges of pavements. When you do edging on your garden bed, you create a root barrier. This stops the crops in your garden from invading other areas.

Some garden bed edging tools

Some tools are designed explicitly for garden edging. They include:

  • Long handle manual lawn edger:
    • They come in different varieties. So choose the kind of tool that suits your use.
  • Wheeled manual edgers:
    • They have wheels and a cutting blade. To use the tool, push it repeatedly along the edge of the garden.
  • Handheld power edgers:
    • They have a similar design to trimmers, i.e., have a powerhead, straight/curved handle, and a cutting blade. Also, they have a guide wheel to ensure you remain on track as you trim your garden bed. A rotating blade does all cutting.
  • Walk-behind power edgers:
    • They look somewhat similar to a walk-behind lawnmower, but they have three wheels. They are large, thus challenging to manoeuvre them. They are a good option if you have a large garden to edge.

Always keep your garden bed manicured.

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The benefits of glass pool fencing in  Brisbane

November 29, 2019 at 2:02 am ·

The benefits of glass pool fencing in Brisbane

Building a swimming pool in your home is a very fantastic thing. This is because you will give your loved ones a chance to enjoy their leisure time in a very relaxed environment.  In Brisbane, when you own a swimming pool in your home or even in the commercial centres, you are required to ensure that you have fenced the swimming pool with immediate effect. This is because an exposed swimming pool poses a danger not only to the people around you but also the animals that you keep or even the wild animal. To avoid this loss, you must ensure that you fence your swimming pool. Since most people have swimming at homes, they are also advised to make sure that the fence the pools appropriately so that they can keep the pools out of reach of children.

When it comes to fencing the swimming pool, there are so many materials that you can use in fencing. However, the most used material in Brisbane is glass. There are so many reasons as to why the people of Brisbane choose to use glass pool fencing but all in all it is beneficial. This means you will enjoy so many benefits for using the glass pool fencing over the other fencing materials. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of glass pool fencing in Brisbane:

1.         It ensures guaranteed safety.

One of the benefits of glass pool fencing is that it ensures that the pool I safe for everyone in your home compound. This is because the glass pool fencing consists of glass layers making it very difficult for anyone to break. The layers of glass also ensure that even if someone knocks the glass fencing, it does not shatter into pieces that can injure someone, and hence, it ensures safety to everyone using the pool.

2.         Glass pool fencing is very durable.

The other benefit of using glass pool fencing in Brisbane is that the glass pool fencing usually lasts for a very long period as compared to other fencing materials.  This is because the glass pool fencing is made of several layers of glass making it very difficult for the glass to break. However, the glass pool fencing can crack if you hit it so hard, but it cannot shatter into so many pieces.  In case you are looking for the most durable fencing for your pool, you need to consider installing glass pool fencing.

3.         The glass pool fencing is easy to maintain.

When it comes to maintaining the glass pool fencing, you only need to clean the glass using some warm water and soap. However, other materials that are used in making pool fences require to be painted regularly and also to be greased. The fact that glass does not rust makes the glass pool fencing to be the easiest pool fencing material to maintain

4.         They are easily affordable.

The other reason that makes many people in Brisbane love glass pool fencing is because it is very cheap when it comes to buying and installing. For this reason, glass pool fencing is easily affordable.

5.         They give your backyard a new look.

When you compare your backyard when it has the glass pool fencing and when there is no glass pool fencing, you will realise that it has a different look. Installing glass pool fencing ensures that your yard is very attractive since it adds its aesthetic value. This is also another benefit of using the glass pool fencing in Brisbane.

If you are interested in adding a glass fence to your swimming pool, contact Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane for information.

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How to Divide a Large Hostas Plants in a Few Easy Steps

September 30, 2018 at 8:50 am ·

How to Divide a Large Hostas Plants in a Few Easy Steps

Growing hostas can be very satisfying for a gardener – they’re beautiful, hardy, and grow in a variety of climates. But sometimes, these perennials can grow enormously large, which is when you start thinking, “Maybe I could split this plant to fill in a different spot!” This, of course, is called “dividing”, and it’s a relatively simple task for any gardener and one that I have done countless times in my own garden, over the years.

Hostas are tough and will survive division just about any time you do it, often without much wilting at all. However, hostas divided in the spring or summer often fail to make handsome garden plants until the next year. They’ll show signs of the inevitable damage to buds or leaves all season, which is why the end of summer (at least a month before your first frost) is the ideal time to do this job. The plants will have ample time to develop new roots before winter and will unfurl unblemished leaves in the spring.

To divide a hosta clump, begin with a shovel or spade, cutting all around the clump then prying it from the ground with a digging fork. Shake off as much soil as you can, then move the clump where you can rinse all the soil from the roots with a hose. Removing the soil makes it much easier to see where you could make your divisions with minimal damage to leaves and roots.

Start by dividing the clump in half. If the hosta is a spreading variety, it should be fairly easy to pull apart by hand or to pry apart using two digging forks back to back. If it’s the sort that makes a tight crown, use a knife to cut down into the crown from the top. Be sure to steer clear of the large stems and don’t cut so far that you slice off roots beneath. Once you’re nearly through the crown, you’ll be able to pull it apart.

If you want more divisions, rinse away the soil in the exposed center of the plant, and divide the pieces in half. Proceed in this way until you have the number of pieces you want, right down to single shoots. As you work, cover the divisions with a damp cloth to keep the roots and leaves from drying. Replant the divisions immediately.

How many divisions should you make? Well, hostas are among the few perennials that are happiest and look best if never divided. So if you’re dividing the hostas to develop a new planting scheme, divide the clumps into just two or four pieces so the garden will have a finished look in a year or two. Single-shoot divisions can take several years to regrow leaves of full size. I have a five-year old clump grown from a small piece whose leaves are only half the size of a mature specimen planted next to it at around the same time. Your smallest divisions, especially the really tiny ones that inevitably break away are best planted in a nursery bed to grow on to full size.

If you take care to do the work carefully, dividing a hostas plant can help you spread the beauty of this hardy beauty to other corners of your garden. And if you need further help doing this work without damaging the plant, check out this Youtube video that features the entire process from beginning to end.

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