Grow your own wedding

Editor of Grow Your Own magazine, Lucy Halsall – now Lucy Chamberlain – sourced her own blooms for her wedding day. Let’s face it – weddings are rather expensive things. Someone quoted me £20k as the average figure recently, and

Ask Sean: How do I know when my melon is ready to harvest?

Vivian from Texas asked “How do I know when my melon is ready to harvest?”, Sean explains.

Getting ready for winter crops

June and July maybe the time to catch a golden suntan while gardening but it’s also the perfect time to be thinking about what you’d like to eat during the colder winter months. Here are just a few vegetables you

Storing Crops: Plaiting Garlic Harvest

Vivi demonstrates how to plait garlic.

Finding a secret walled garden in London

Sean recently went to a meeting and afterwards decided to go on an adventure and came across a walled garden in London.

Heading to Gardeners World Live

One of the garden show we look forward to visiting is the BBC Gardeners’ World Live event which is held at NEC Birmingham – this year from Thursday 12 June until Sunday 15 June 2014. I can’t think of another

To ‘crock’ or not to ‘crock’

For centuries, gardeners have put shards of pottery – “crocks” – at the bottom of plant pots to increase drainage. But a new study has debunked the tradition

Fertilizers Explained

A quick guide to my vegetable fertilizers, presented by Dan from Dan’s Allotment Diary.

2014 – Year of the Poppy

In WW1 the village of lost proportionally more enlisted men than anywhere else in the UK. From a population of 100 people they lost 24 men. As a result many of the local families died out.

What is an allotment?

An allotment is an area of land which is rented on a yearly basis to local residents and community groups.

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