Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast

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Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast

Life has its perks and privileges and one thing that matters most is the desire to live a happy and comfortable life. In this case, the purchase and use of air conditioning units is not an exemption but rather a necessity for every home and office in a city or a suburban area. An ordinary citizen, regardless of where he lives, may have the capacity to purchase an air conditioner but doesn’t have the ability to install it properly. This is where experts in air conditioning installation in Gold Coast come in.

Ensuring the stability of an installation

The reason why customers in Gold Coast are very much satisfied with air conditioning installations in their respective area is the fact that installers and technicians pay close attention to every detail before and after their job is done. One very familiar strategy is making sure that the air conditioning unit is placed or mounted securely on a sturdy wall and is also reinforced with either a reliable wooden or metal frame.

At times when there are tremors and aftershocks caused by an earthquake, the family is assured of their safety and protection from large objects falling right from above them. In addition, innocent children are discouraged from the temptation of hanging or swinging on them while their curious hands manipulate almost every button or switch which poses the danger of electric shock or short circuit. Considering the height or elevation of installing cooling units at home, it will be impossible for the tots to come in contact with any of its parts or components.

Fixing and mounting procedures

After making sure that the place or area where the new air conditioning unit is to be installed is safe and secure, technicians must make use of a tool called level in order to make sure the cooling unit is fixed in a straight horizontal position. Both the top and bottom sides must have enough room or space in cases where it needs to be removed for cleaning and periodic maintenance.

The next important thing to put into consideration is the process of drilling holes into the wall which will attach and secure any wooden or metallic mount before inserting or properly putting in place the actual air conditioning unit. Forged metal or aluminium plates likewise reinforce the installation by way of pushing the cooling unit flat and even into the wall and is aided by tightly screwing the needed bolts and nuts to both the frame and the aircon unit. After all of these procedures are complied, plastic anchors are inserted into the holes for additional strength and durability.

Moreover, it must be remembered that the tapping screws, bolts and nuts will also greatly depend on the holes of the mounting bracket. They must be of the same circumference, size and length in order to prevent accidents when these tiny parts loosen due to vibration, tremor and other related human activities.

To insure that this will never happen, aircon installers look for the best or ideal opening in the exterior part of both the mounting panel and the cooling unit. With great precision and accuracy, the length of the pipe as well as the measurement needed to connect both the external and internal wires should be made certain for the installation to be successful. Finally, to be sure that the cooling unit has its proper drainage system, a 3 inches hole should be drilled in  a diagonal or slope position.

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