Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Sean first became engaged with gardening when he was a teenager by his cousin, Betty. He helped maintain the family garden and changed it from a little patch of flowers into a productive garden of vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers. “I love scent in the garden. Even though allotments are for food growing we can still keep a patch for flowers and especially scented ones.”



Claire helped her grandfather on his allotment from an early age. The first vegetables Claire grew were radishes and was “so excited when I saw the first one grow”. When Claire first got her allotment she admits to being “a little over whelmed, but persevered and when I got my first crops I knew it was all worth while.” Claire likes to introduce at least one new plant on her plot every year.


Jonathan lives in a village in western Gateshead in the North East of England. His interest in foraging for wild foods began when his father taught him jam-making as a child. In 2009 Jonathan set about the task of being self-sufficient and will show viewers how to make the most from nature’s larder. During 2011 Jonathan expanded on his journey by introducing bees and chickens to his life.



Geoff moved to London from the depths of Suffolk to study Zoology. Having travelled the world and lived in the Amazon rainforest Geoff is a keen conservationist, especially for the native flora and fauna of Great Britain.

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