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Come into our shed and pull up a chair, the kettle has just boiled. We are a team of gardeners based around the UK and we show you what is going on in our gardens and allotments.

Every week, even in winter, we give practical down-to-earth gardening advice for those wishing to grow vegetables, herbs, salad, fruit and flowers; plus visiting national and local gardening shows throughout Europe.

Feel free to comment, just remember to include where you are in the world – this is helpful when seeking advice.

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Saturdays: Sean's Allotment Garden

New Cupboard & Sowings | August (EP25/Y2) | Sean’s Allotment Garden

This week Sean sows seeds for next spring and cleans the shed. Check out what happened on the allotment this time last year:

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Stormy Beans | August (EP24/Y2) | Sean’s Allotment Garden The summer weather has gone and autumn winds have arrived. Vivi is tending to her tomatoes and Sean is busy harvesting currants and securing the runner beans. Harvesting Melons: Storing Runner Beans:   This time last year:

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Melons, Tomatoes, Onions & Berries | August (EP23/Y2) | Sean’s Allotment Garden

This week Sean is harvesting berries while Vivi is harvesting yet more onions but has ‘early blight’ struck Vivi’s tomato crop. Sean also visits garden designer Jamie Butterworth at his latest garden design which is part of the RHS Secret

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Titli's Busy Garden (currently on a break)

Titli’s Busy Garden takes a break from filming

Titli Nihaan has announced that her gardening series on YouTube, Titli’s Busy Garden, will cease broadcasting from this week. Speaking in her recent episode entitled Blackberries and Blueberries, Titli said: “I’ve got some projects that I really need to work

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Blackberries and Blueberries – Titli’s Busy Garden 2014 Week 33

It’s blueberry-picking time! My blackberries have finished for this year so they need some management too.

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Picking Sweetcorn – Titli’s Busy Garden 2014 Week 32

Some of my sweetcorn are ready for picking, as well as more than just a few chillis!

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Dan's Allotment Diary - Growing for Showing

Avoiding Tomato Blossom End Rot

Blossom End rot can be a problem and render the fruit inedible. This is the method I use to avoid the problem by a simple addition of Dolomite Lime to the water. Blossom End rot was always thought to be

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Dan’s Allotment Diary: Planting Leeks

Time to transplant the Leek plants into their final growing positions outside on the allotment.

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Dan’s Allotment Diary: First Potato Harvest of the Year

The first potato harvest reveal of the year. These are the Rockets container grown in the polytunnel since planting in late February, having 90 days of growth.

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Diary of a New Allotment Gardener

Visit 3: Hands & Knees | Diary of an Allotment Gardener

Ep3: The task of removing the weeds has began. A realistic look at owning an allotment plot and how to turn it from overgrown patch of weeds ready for growing your own food. Plans: COMING SOON, additional channel, The

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Visit 3: Strimming & Weeding | Diary of an Allotment Gardener

It was a beautiful day today, warm with a light wind. This morning I had to speak with the site secretary regarding erecting a shed and polytunnel. On this site you need prior written permission before building work starts. So

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Visit 2: Weeding | Diary of an Allotment Gardener

A realistic look at owning an allotment plot and how to turn it from overgrown patch of weeds ready to growing your own food. Only managed 30 minutes this evening so did some weeding at the top end of the

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How to make Sage Jelly

We had lots of sage and apples to use it. The logical thing to do was combine both together and make a sage herbal jelly.

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How to Make Blackberry Jam (Pectin-Free)

This pectin-free blackberry jam recipe will allow you to enjoy the great taste of blackberries all year round.

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Plots & Pans *NEW Series*

Ever since I started to improve the shed I’ve wanted to create a cooking series. Well the shed is in place, ok, it’s been in place for months, but now I’ve got the cooker in place and have already filmed

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Arson attack at Sheffield allotment

A Sheffield allotment holder says he feels like ‘walking away’ from his beloved pastime of over 30 years – after arsonists burned his shed to the ground. Nothing remains of heartbroken 70-year-old Jeff Walker’s plot but a blackened expanse of

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Neighbours steal lawn at 5am

Two middle age-looking women stole a front garden lawn in Skelmersdale in West Lancashire. Stolen at 5am the whole incident was recorded on CCTV by neighbour Bobby Stacey. “I couldn’t stop laughing, I was annoyed at the same time though.

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Gardener dies while pruning tree

A gardener has died after being impaled on spiked railings while pruning a tree. Peter Davies, 67, of Merthyr Tydfil, fell 20ft (6m) onto the silver decorative spikes while chopping branches off a fir tree in his garden. A neighbour

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